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William Safire has defied his critics December 31, 2004
2004: Voters made their beds December 31, 2004
Tell us another one: Prognosticators are an endless source of innocent amusement December 28, 2004
Boring is natural for Paul Martin December 24, 2004
He made the good book better: How Northrop Frye examined the Bible without excess piety December 21, 2004
This was not just another British farce December 18, 2004
How liberalism became a dirty word December 11, 2004
Myth and Kinsey: His image as pure scientist was no more than a self-serving illusion December 7, 2004
Striking journalistic gold, again and again December 4, 2004
Japan is his oyster: Decades in Tokyo made Donald Richie the writer he is today November 30, 2004
Leftists have sided with radical Islam November 27, 2004
Architect of his own great rise: Daniel Libeskind's chatty memoir details frustrations and triumphs November 23, 2004
It was Germany's Third Reich November 20, 2004
Great lyricist, mean drunk: Johnny Mercer's tangled story is still being told November 16, 2004
Written in haste, edited in panic November 13, 2004
Now that's rich: Jewison puts himself 'on the side of the working stiff' November 9, 2004
Simplicity over sophistication November 6, 2004
Unwinding the Da Vinci code: What has kept the CBC's crime drama so good for so long November 2, 2004
John Kerry's post-modern patron October 30, 2004
The con men of Liebling: New book reprises journalist's favourite stories of rogues and flim-flam artists October 26, 2004
A paean to Pablum and peacekeeping October 23, 2004
Amos Oz's nocturnal Israel October 16, 2004
There's no place like this home: John Massey turns photo-chicanery into art form October 12, 2004
Entrenching human misery October 9, 2004
Praise unworthy: Critics create bloated reputations by pouring on the adulation October 5, 2004
Festival honours medium messiah: Marshall McLuhan's message lives on October 2, 2004
A genteel display of confidence October 2, 2004
There are too second acts: Philip Roth proves F. Scott Fitzgerald's maxim wrong September 28, 2004
Too much politeness, too little candour September 25, 2004
Leonard Cohen at 70: He's a bohemian with the courtly manners of a gentleman on day parole from the 18th century, but he's also a provocateur September 21, 2004
How Vietnam became the new Iraq September 18, 2004
Wisdom in a nutshell?: Collected proverbs don't treat women kindly September 14, 2004
Medicare is not carved in stone September 11, 2004
A rare glimpse at Canadian Stalinism September 11, 2004
The finest whiner: Screenwriter Frederic Raphael's journals are a study in disillusionment September 7, 2004
Everything is sacred: In martial-arts films such as Hero, ritual finds its place again August 31, 2004
A political convention that mattered August 28, 2004
From pen to paper: A famous killer's letter to The Times Literary Supplement is causing quite a stir August 24, 2004
Milosz did not see himself as a prophet August 21, 2004
Her perfect bombshell: Author Anita Loos' Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was a brunette's revenge August 17, 2004
The problem with Jane Doe August 14, 2004
More than a dash of Europe: Soulpepper expertly brings the Continent's great plays to Canada August 10, 2004
A bad idea, badly executed August 7, 2004
How the Jews defined America: Broadway's golden years helped make us all a little Hebrew August 3, 2004
Fake patients in need of real help July 31, 2004
Preaching what he practised: Baldwin got his start with the King James Bible, but his voice was his own July 27, 2004
What does it mean to be a 'liberal'? July 24, 2004
Is the ballot box now passe? July 17, 2004
The problem with leniency: Reviewers need to take a stand and save the praise for the truly deserving July 13, 2004
Tracing the origins of Kabbalah Chic July 10, 2004
Sitting in God's chair: Immortalized in On the Road, George Shearing bebops to own tune July 6, 2004
AA's secret formula -- kinship in suffering July 3, 2004
A Law & Order unto himself: Vincent D'Onofrio has turned Criminal Intent into his star vehicle June 29, 2004
Power has made Liberals a little crazy June 26, 2004
How will his legacy read?: Yiddish author Isaac Bashevis Singer remains a figure of controversy June 22, 2004
Rehabilitating an ancient vice June 19, 2004
Canadian public life at its worst June 18, 2004
The fall of the mall: We are still shopping, but the citadels of retail are fast becoming irrelevant June 15, 2004
Whistler's lawsuit: A moment on the lips, an eternity in art history June 14, 2004
First impressions count June 14, 2004
A year of high passion, swiftly extinguished June 12, 2004
Inside the writer's studio: Diana Fuss's book looks at where the work gets done June 8, 2004
The Kennedy myth - and why we believed it June 5, 2004
The apprenticeship of David Bezmozgis: Author wants people to visit Bathurst and Finch the way he made a pilgrimage to St. Urbain Street June 1, 2004
Repent! The age of contrition is upon us May 29, 2004
Look back in laughter: Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis's first Angry Young Man book, turns 50 May 25, 2004
A candidate of breathtaking banality May 22, 2004
Where you least expect them: Contact festival puts odd photos in unusual places May 18, 2004
Stalin: up close and personal May 15, 2004
Did he fall or did he jump?: Dwight Macdonald walked the high wire of radical opinion May 11, 2004
My love affair with portraits May 8, 2004
'Objective' journalism? There's no such thing May 8, 2004
Brothers with movie cameras: Unremarkable Russian film tells remarkable stories May 4, 2004
The book that Jack wrote May 1, 2004
A waving sky of saffron April 27, 2004
Dennis Miller says what most of us think April 24, 2004
A life spent abroad: Mavis Gallant's relationship with Canada was once one of mutual neglect April 20, 2004
Churchill's lessons for the war on terror April 17, 2004
For he has sinned: Like all confessions, John Haslett Cuff's new film is part boast as well April 13, 2004
Bush's new basis for American idealism April 10, 2004
Playing radio roulette: You just never know where CBC Overnight will take you April 6, 2004
You can't have equality of racial outcomes April 3, 2004
All of them oddballs: Angus Calder sees the diversity of life March 30, 2004
Anti-Semitism can't be explained or cured March 27, 2004
The life and Times of Howell Raines March 26, 2004
Roget's: Useful, primo, superb...: So why the crusade against the lowly, lovely thesaurus? March 23, 2004
Being busy is not an 'insidious addiction' March 20, 2004
The real Richler: The Last Honest Man looks at the scores and how they were settled March 16, 2004
Outsourcing makes economic sense March 13, 2004
I want my BookTV: Canada has proved a round-the-clock literary channel can be done well March 9, 2004
The sound of moderate Islam's silence March 6, 2004
Eternal optimists: The Royal Ontario Museum's exhibition of Egyptian art reminds us of a civilization that believed you can take it with you March 2, 2004
Our windbag Vice-Regal February 28, 2004
Detective sob stories: Why are today's fictional sleuths so depressed? February 24, 2004
The Democrats' festival of hypocrisy: From first to last, Howard Dean was insufferable February 21, 2004
The man who built a mystery: Son of master architect Louis Kahn documents the life, career of his father February 17, 2004
It's bigger than a gang of crooks February 14, 2004
The source of Gould's genius?: Great musician may have suffered from Asperger's February 10, 2004
There is danger in numbers February 7, 2004
The thing becomes an idea: The Rosetta Stone represents the expansion of knowledge February 3, 2004
When Palestinians become oppressors February 2, 2004
Honderich was Star-crossed January 31, 2004
The proud display of imagination: When it comes to shaping our world, designers know less is not more January 27, 2004
I cannot turn away from Michael Jackson January 24, 2004
New PM, same old Liberal arrogance January 22, 2004
The Vegas vision: Architects have learned a lot from this garage sale of cultural history January 20, 2004
The king of Bibles: The King James is a monumental achievement with a mysterious genesis January 13, 2004
"Gentrification" January 10, 2004
HA! A Self-Murder Mystery and the suicide of Hubert Aquin January 6, 2004
Communism's true believers won't give up January 3, 2004

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