This Was Expo

book cover: This Was Expo by Robert Fulford

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This Was Expo was published in by McClelland and Stewart in 1968.

Publisher's description:
The Greatest Show on Earth... that was Expo 67 on its man-made islands in the St. Lawrence River. Its creators wanted to make not a good world's fair but a great one; and the world flocked to Montreal and agreed they had succeeded. This especially commissioned book records, in brilliant colour photography and definitive text, every facet of Canada's greatest centennial achievement.

"This Was Expo is a beautiful coffee table book full of excellent pictures, but it also has a remarkably intelligent text by Robert Fulford which may tell us more about what Expo really meant than we were able to figure out from being there."
-- Martin Knelman, Toronto Star

"For me Expo has been directly responsible for at least one clear blessing-- a book by Robert Fulford. [...] His writing on any subject is clear, vigorous, lit by good humour and a sometimes biting wit. [...] But the most striking thing about him is his openness to new ideas, fresh experiences. Expo, where he spent four months last year reporting for this newspaper, abounded in novel sensations, revolutionary ways of thinking and seeing. Fulford responded with enthusiasm."
-- Kildare Dobbs, Toronto Star

"Fulford, who has become a connoisseur of world's fairs, spent four months at Expo as columnist for the Toronto Star. [...] Fulford has contributed 10 chapters on such things as architecture, film, Habitat, urban environment, education and other highlights. The American pavilion gets a chapter to itself, as does the Czech. He doesn't hesitate to criticize, where necessary."
-- William French, Globe and Mail

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