Selected National Post Columns from 2019

Robert Fulford's columns appeared regularly in the National Post from 1999 to 2019.
His most recent columns are available on the National Post website.

ISIL starts to turn against itself 27 April 2019
The Arabs are ready for peace with Israel 20 April 2019
Nabokov's works as powerful as ever 13 April 2019
A brave Soviet dissident gets recognition 6 April 2019
The spies who helped make Israel 30 March 2019
The world's a lot better off than you think 23 March 2019
An Israeli show's peek into an unusual life 16 March 2019
Age, wrongly, makes women invisible 9 March 2019
Why has history forgotten Canada's Hugh Kenner? 2 March 2019
Socialism returns to U.S. politics 23 February 2019
An Oxy protest might change the charity game 16 February 2019
The strange success of theocratic Iran 9 February 2019
Why James Baldwin came back to fight racism in America 2 February 2019
The smartphone has killed boredom -- and that's a wonderful thing 26 January 2019
Vice doesn't even try to be good history 12 January 2019
Gary Hart must envy Trump's timing 5 January 2019

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