Selected National Post Columns from 2018

Robert Fulford's columns appeared regularly in the National Post from 1999 to 2019.
His most recent columns are available on the National Post website.

Roma director's past recaptured in movie triumph 29 December 2018
Evil grows where Iran's influence goes 22 December 2018
Canadian artist left his mark on world 15 December 2018
How weird the Mafia must find The Sopranos 8 December 2018
Where anti-Semites flourish; Why does the BDS movement show no interest in any states other than israel? 1 December 2018
A literary reminder of slavery's evil 24 November 2018
Echoes from 1968 are still being felt today 17 November 2018
How David Sedaris found the fame he craved 10 November 2018
What keeps this anti-Semitism alive today? 3 November 2018
Here's to humour and loyal readers 27 October 2018
The growing power, and awareness, of America's Asian citizens 20 October 2018
Britain's wartime goof was gift to Canadian art 13 October 2018
In dictionaries, a history of us and of language 29 September 2018
China's latest crackdown on civil liberty 22 September 2018
The 'wretched' Ezra Pound had multiple layers 15 September 2018
Jews, Arabs united in love for gripping series 8 September 2018
Reading abilities quickly eroding in screen-time era 1 September 2018
Feminism wins must spread beyond the West 28 August 2018
The defining art of our modern era 18 August 2018
Who is China's leader trying to fool? 11 August 2018
Postal workers join anti-Israel bandwagon 4 August 2018
Trump reminds us NATO matters 28 July 2018
Iran's way of 'defending itself' won't end well 21 July 2018
Why James Baldwin still speaks to us 14 July 2018
Saudi Arabia still has a very long way to go 7 July 2018
America's not-so-great divider-in-chief 30 June 2018
Malala's nemesis is dead, and locals hope he's gone to hell 23 June 2018
Unravelling the Third Reich art heist 2 June 2018
Claiming the right to be 'child-free' 26 May 2018
A modern-twist on the old snake-oil salesmen 19 May 2018
Royal bond is a storybook to be written 12 May 2018
Gay love achieves the victory of ordinariness 5 May 2018
A new malady is afflicting the Brits: Brexchosis 28 April 2018
What's behind Peterson's appeal 21 April 2018
Left is leaning into anti-Semitism 14 April 2018
Brilliant farce reminds us of Stalin's cruelty 7 April 2018
Revisiting the birth of the alt-right 31 March 2018
What does it mean to be educated?; How Tara Westover escaped her family and gained a brand new sense of herself 24 March 2018
We've made our peace with prison torture 24 March 2018
Pooh bear goes underground in Xi's China 17 March 2018
It's true, humanity is winning 10 March 2018
Of Goths and men 3 March 2018
CBC can learn from BBC's return to form 3 March 2018
Getting The Big Sick 2 March 2018
Has Trump finally found his groove?; Tax code reform turns out to be electoral gold 24 February 2018
The royal treatment; Movies and TV made them human and that made them matter again 17 February 2018
Pleading innocent; Poland's new law reveals much about its anti-semitism, then and now 10 February 2018

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