Selected National Post Columns from 2016

Robert Fulford's columns appeared regularly in the National Post from 1999 to 2019.
His most recent columns are available on the National Post website.

Critiquing the critics 26 July 2016
How can we be 'balanced'? 23 July 2016
Degenerate appeal; How a high level of script, production and performance combine to make Ray Donovan more than just another anti-hero tale 19 July 2016
Another new view; The evolving perspective of Diane Arbus 12 July 2016
The coffee houses of Europe 9 July 2016
Resurrection lit; Bob Rodgers brings Canadian icons to life on the page 28 June 2016
In your dreams; Museum Fantasies 21 June 2016
Tears, fears and listings 18 June 2016
Readers wanted; An early introduction to books is one way to develop a lifetime of appreciation for the printed page 14 June 2016
Hope for the Arab world? 11 June 2016
The future of the book; Can literature survive the shift to digital culture? 7 June 2016
An incoherent campaign 4 June 2016
A Warlord of Art; Why the grandeur of Orson Welles could not exist without his many difficulties 31 May 2016
Our stories, untold 28 May 2016
Finding Renaissance; Rare antiquities looted during Second World War discovered in Moscow 25 May 2016
Mao's war on China 21 May 2016
Why does Heidegger remain revered? 17 May 2016
'Lions mate with lions'; Life with Picasso 10 May 2016
Understanding the bomber 7 May 2016
An artistic undertaking; What happens when high art meets hard labour? 3 May 2016
The insecure man of Europe 30 April 2016
Unlike father, like son; Klaus Mann 26 April 2016
Where ISIL came from 23 April 2016
Flash and filigree; Terry Southern 19 April 2016
Rise of the anti-BDS movement 16 April 2016
Picture Perfect; August Sander's photographs depict a stark realism 12 April 2016
The fastest move in history 9 April 2016
The artistry of structure; The great age of archeology 5 April 2016
Europe's black hole 2 April 2016
Hitler's Speer conned them all; 'The Nazi who said sorry' 29 March 2016
Terror as a fact of life 26 March 2016
Tragedy in blue; The eternal romance of the doomed jazz musician 22 March 2016
Israel -- the Mideast's only saviour 19 March 2016
The shifting sands of history; Just as the words we use to describe our past change, so to does our understanding 15 March 2016
History revised; Stalinism exposed 8 March 2016
The slaves of today 5 March 2016
Culture congruity; Donald Richie 1 March 2016
Mentors and proteges; A manner of being 23 February 2016
The medium and the recurring message 20 February 2016
Humanity in city planning; Jane Jacobs 17 February 2016
First World blessings of information overload 13 February 2016
We all want to change the world; The dramatic life and times of Leon Trotsky 9 February 2016
Sunbelt Baroque; How John D. MacDonald invented a subgenre that's no longer his own 2 February 2016
An intimate biography; Iris Murdoch 26 January 2016
How can we stand aside? 23 January 2016
Rigid turns of phrase; obscure words 19 January 2016
Battle of words; Literary rivalries 13 January 2016
Freedom was the song he sang 11 January 2016
Malaysia: a hotbed of anti-Semitism 2 January 2016

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