Selected National Post Columns from 2015

Robert Fulford's columns appeared regularly in the National Post from 1999 to 2019.
His most recent columns are available on the National Post website.

Nourishing displays on screen; Three actors who gave us privilege of watching them this year 30 December 2015
More than mere apologetics; How C.S. Lewis made Christianity seem like common sense 22 December 2015
Country for sale; Canadian Pacific 15 December 2015
Blame the West 12 December 2015
'A chronic nomad'; Joseph Roth 8 December 2015
The myth of the Hollywood Ten 5 December 2015
Stop all the clocks; How W.H. Auden wrote prose to earn a living, and poetry to live his life 1 December 2015
Happiness is a vague study 28 November 2015
Dr. Clemens & Mr. Twain; The autobiography of America's greatest humorist is more for reference than reading 24 November 2015
ISIL's aims and appeals 21 November 2015
The reluctant immigrant; Brooklyn 17 November 2015
Britain's choice 14 November 2015
It's been surreal; Finding a new perspective on a modern art movement that's too often dismissed 10 November 2015
The Facebook Intifada 7 November 2015
A gift to behold; J.M.W. Turner 3 November 2015
Overcoming humanity; Primo Levi's achievement 27 October 2015
The media push the message; And the message is violence 24 October 2015
A woman for all seasons; Patti Smith's absorbing and personal M Train 20 October 2015
Not as fragile as we thought 17 October 2015
The romantic tradition of Esquire; 1,000 issues 13 October 2015
Turkey vs. Journalism 10 October 2015
To blurb or not to blurb; A community divided 6 October 2015
The destroyers of history 3 October 2015
Legal eagles; How the BBC's Silk became a highlight of recent TV history 29 September 2015
The recipe for genocide 26 September 2015
Historic passion; A much-admired historian takes as much interest in sources as the stories she shares 22 September 2015
Republicans vs. Republicans 19 September 2015
Literary absurdity; The work of Edward St. Aubyn 15 September 2015
Cultural madman; For Richard B. Wright, writing didn't get easier, it got better 8 September 2015
Fiscal fever 5 September 2015
Disney furled; 'No praise unspoken' 1 September 2015
An evil we have not yet begun to comprehend 29 August 2015
Put the 'kibosh' on 'looky-loo'; In order for language to live, some words have to die, and that's OK 25 August 2015
Rodin love; Exhibition reveals new side of artist 18 August 2015
The replacements; Art forger earned $6 million over two years 11 August 2015
Angry Tom's soothing bromides 8 August 2015
Life during death; The last words of Clive James keep lasting 4 August 2015
Target: Jordan 1 August 2015
Point form; The original pixel inventor gets his due praise 28 July 2015
The conversation that started the Cold War 25 July 2015
A life well-lived; The uniqueness of Oliver Sacks 21 July 2015

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