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The topicality of the list; How these records and tabulations are the 'origins of culture' 1 December 2009
This is your brain on capitalism 28 November 2009
Law & marriage; The Good Wife amends the Spitzer case to make great television 24 November 2009
Canada's angriest 'moderate'; Mansur has no time for genteel politics. He feels it's his duty to name names 21 November 2009
Snide and prejudice; Jane Austen: moralist or vicious gossip? 17 November 2009
'A cult of misery and death' 14 November 2009
The geniuses who created Stratford 10 October 2009
The purpose driven life; Ayn Rand's story gets two new tellings 10 November 2009
Communism's great con game; The truth would set them free, and it finally did 7 November 2009
A playlist of our times; How podcasts aid those in search of deep discussion 3 November 2009
The Jewish James Bond 31 October 2009
A bird of many colours; Canada has never produced a talent quite like Robert Lepage 27 October 2009
500 channels of heartbreak 24 October 2009
The teenage-ification of manhood 17 October 2009
Thief lives in thrall to books; Dream of great personal library fuels mania 13 October 2009
The fool on the pedestal; Trafalgar's plinth an ambitious and messy experiment in popular art 6 October 2009
How crazy is he? 3 October 2009
The Original Starchitect; Many of the city's landmarks came to be because John M. Lyle seized an opportunity 30 May 2009
Viewing a TV death in four acts; The end is near, and it's quite clear to see why 26 May 2009
Degeneration in all but reputation; Why do we habitually and foolishly believe whatever the UN tells us? 23 May 2009
Nothing shy about this guy; Sherman Alexie likes to challenge image of Indians 19 May 2009
Taking tolerance too far 16 May 2009
You'll want to dilly Dali; The AGO's Surreal Things is captivating 12 May 2009
Cleverness and cruelty; Christopher Buckley's parents were brilliant and glittering--but often drunken and distant 9 May 2009
Dr. Seuss meets Charles Darwin; Evolutionary history's rhyme and reason 5 May 2009
Newspapers And Me: A Brief History 2 May 2009
Finding kitsch's inner beauty; Garden gnomes and Elvis busts be damned! 28 April 2009
Best Buddies; For half a century, Canadian prime ministers have cozied up to Fidel--mostly (but not exclusively) to annoy Washington 25 April 2009
Shaking the family tree for Liberals 21 April 2009
Our friends, the ants; A salute to everybody's favourite six-legged picnic crashers 21 April 2009
A museum director fights back; The best place for 'looted' artifacts? Right where they are 18 April 2009
Building film's frame; Mack Sennett set the foundation for Hollywood 14 April 2009
The darkest brand of 'honour' 11 April 2009
A rational film board; The NFB's forays into new media show how a cultural institution can remain relevant at the age of 70 7 April 2009
Meet Robert Fulford 2.0 4 April 2009
A home where the buffalo jumped; Why just hunt your food when you can smash its head in? 31 March 2009
Things (still) fall apart 28 March 2009
Trying to be Zen about Life's fate; An uncertain future awaits this fine procedural 24 March 2009
What we don't know can't hurt us; Our museums depend on incomplete expertise 17 March 2009
Blaming 'the Israel Lobby' 14 March 2009
Mr. Nice Eye; David Hockney's amiable personality coexists with a highly developed sense of visual sophistication 10 March 2009
Islam and the sacred word; In the year 1000, the Islamic world was far superior to Europe in science and the arts. What happened? 7 March 2009
Down & out on the language of London; Were Orwell's views on English clouded by class prejudice? 3 March 2009
Smart people behaving badly; A new memoir details the sexual impropriety of a literary couple 24 February 2009
Lessons learned, history remade; Pre-Raphaelites sought to clean up the art world 17 February 2009
The future of the newspaper 14 February 2009
Evolution 2.0: From Darwin to dot-com 9 February 2009
Closing down the Daschle racket 7 February 2009
One man's character is another's disorder 3 February 2009
How France sold its soul 31 January 2009
A rich run remembered; John Updike was an ingenious novelist, an impressive poet, a brilliant reviewer, a talented sports writer, a persuasive art critic and much more 28 January 2009
This American treasure; Ira Glass's show on NPR has reinvented radio 27 January 2009
York's enemies of higher education 24 January 2009
She speaks in the language of history; A poet finds the right words for an unprecedented inauguration 20 January 2009
A sense of 'proportion' 17 January 2009
Why is it that dark ages so well?; A new history of the colour black spares no detail 13 January 2009
Growing up with Emily Post 10 January 2009
There's power in the here and now; Eckhart Tolle strives to create a new world 6 January 2009
Israel vs. Hamas: Civilization vs. terror 3 January 2009

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