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Showing off the life of the mind; Denis Dutton sketches out our innate artistry 30 December 2008
Ponzi would have been proud 27 December 2008
Father Christmas; How Charles Dickens almost single-handedly created our sense of what makes the season 23 December 2008
Because I'm a Kennedy. That's why 20 December 2008
First he swashed, then he buckled; A new book recalls Douglas Fairbanks's glory days before the silent-film star fell victim to cinema's sound revolution 16 December 2008
Can he rise above his own party? 13 December 2008
Human history at face value; New Renaissance portrait exhibit gives inspiration 9 December 2008
The normalization of separatism 6 December 2008
Who's ever heard Virginia Woolf?; New compilation highlights dead British writers 2 December 2008
A great era for America-haters 29 November 2008
A lost art oasis in Northern Ontario; Joe Hirshhorn's vision for a town that never was 25 November 2008
The rule of 10,000; ...and other secrets of success from Malcolm Gladwell 22 November 2008
They played us!; How pulp fiction hacks invented noir and changed popular culture 18 November 2008
Over the top; MSNBC is liberal and Fox is conservative--if you define liberal and conservative as differing versions of bigoted ranting from doggedly established positions 15 November 2008
If you're happy, you don't know it; Mike Leigh on the study of hedonics 11 November 2008
Forget Citizen Kane 8 November 2008
Frank'd!; With His AGO Revamp, Gehry Proves That He Is Both Architect And Artist 8 November 2008
A divide has been crossed 5 November 2008
Love's labour not lost; Art Spiegelman revisits his past in new Breakdowns 4 November 2008
The Hypocrisy Of Government Gambling; Government's addiction to gaming revenue is fueling the spread of a destructive disease 1 November 2008
Out with the old; Don't like what you see? Time for rebranding! 28 October 2008
Making history, one page at a time 27 October 2008
The rise of the basement boys 25 October 2008
A love less ordinary; The secret affairs of a Canadian diplomat yield an unexpected poetry 21 October 2008
Ralston Saul's imagined country 18 October 2008
Poisoned by his own lack of passion; Harper has sounded more like a man seeking office than holding it 15 October 2008
Special relativity; The Big Bang Theory is full of social silliness 14 October 2008
A tyrant's private library 11 October 2008
Look on these works, ye mighty; But don't despair, for archaeology still yields riches 7 October 2008
The weirdest country in Europe 4 October 2008
Little art scene on the prairie; Art journal Border Crossings finally looks at its Winnipeg home 16 September 2008
Memories gone Judenrein 13 September 2008
Always settle scores at noon; And other lessons learned at the movies 9 September 2008
Election to nowhere 6 September 2008
An angry artist's 'gorilla within'; The victims in John Bratby's life included the painter himself 2 September 2008
Labour movement recedes into history; Mediocrities soon take over 30 August 2008
The tyranny of stereotype 30 August 2008
The tragic tale of Caesar; A rewriting of history can make any man noble 26 August 2008
The meaning of a gesture 23 August 2008
Going back for Baltimore; Now that the final season of The Wire is on DVD, the rest of us can marvel at its complexity 19 August 2008
The private lives of exhibitionists 16 August 2008
Facial Frontier; The human face can reveal much about a person-- whether they like it or not 12 August 2008
War Without End 9 August 2008
Once, the bravest man in the world 5 August 2008
The perils of boredom; 5 August 2008
It's all Greek to everyone 2 August 2008
He's as Gonzo as we want him to be; Another gloss on Hunter S. Thompson's life 29 July 2008
Not quite the end of history 26 July 2008
Slippery slopes of satiric squibs; Figuring what's funny can be a tough business 22 July 2008
Establishment man 19 July 2008
Pauline Kael & trash cinema; Will Smith's films are the endgame of a critic's take on Bonnie and Clyde 15 July 2008
China's memory keeper 12 July 2008
Eureka! on the printed page; Richard Dawkins' editorship brings a brilliant Oxford anthology to life 8 July 2008
Islam's original feminist; A century after his death, Qasim Amin remains a man ahead of his time 5 July 2008
Hook, line & sinker; Pre-Internet, most of us seldom met a con man. In the age of e-mail, we hear from them several times a day 17 May 2008
One tough egg in a soft-boiled world; Howard Engel's Benny is back, and so is the author 13 May 2008
The Jewish state, by the numbers 10 May 2008
A family tree of despair; Writer's history of her parents' Nazism is chilling 6 May 2008
This is why we hate unions 3 May 2008
Bitter Fred turned red; Lazy communism and E.P. Taylor's little brother 29 April 2008
In their own fanatical words 26 April 2008
Art in an age of egoists; Even drugged-out failures can get a retrospective 22 April 2008
The martyrdom of Stéphane Dion 19 April 2008
Rising from the inkwell of history; Palladio inspired 500 years of careful imitation 15 April 2008
Biting the (invisible) hand that feeds us 12 April 2008
Bassist's pictures are worth 1,000 gigs; Milt Hinton's other art form tells a story of American music 8 April 2008
Thinking about fundamentalism 5 April 2008
Making it while they're faking it; Why unnecessary lies are the most fascinating kind 1 April 2008
1968 - The Bogus Revolution 29 March 2008
What divides us makes us Hegel; Book re-examines the philosophical basis of a nation 25 March 2008
Root against the home team 22 March 2008
They don't get much cooler; Why Obama is the perfect McLuhan proxy 18 March 2008
What happened to the revolution?; Vietnam is getting rich. For Tom Hayden and other 1960s-era Marxists, that's bad news 15 March 2008
A one-man anthology of sin 13 March 2008
Darwin Dumbed Down; The Royal Ontario Museum's new exhibition does a disservice to the man and his work 11 March 2008
Full-throated partisanship from a demi-intellectual 8 March 2008
Life lessons from a turtle; What Aesop's fables teach us about ourselves 4 March 2008
The dictatorship myth; Mussolini never actually did make the trains run on time. Nor did the Taliban provide Afghanistan with anything approaching stability or security 1 March 2008
Best in the West; The Englishman's Boy is an excellent Canadian novel that has now become an excellent TV drama 26 February 2008
Ms. doesn't disappoint the left 23 February 2008
The revolution will not be criticized; Cuba's current regime gets a free ride in Montreal art exhibition 19 February 2008
Preaching the dogma of dependency 16 February 2008
Scholar was a Group of One; Robert Stacey's love of Canadian art was unique 12 February 2008
Return To The Victory Burlesk; Recalling the day Justa Dream's pasty fell off 11 February 2008
The art of avoidance 9 February 2008
Shock and flaws; Will ECT therapy ever recover from its treatment by Hollywood? 5 February 2008
A portrait of globalization; A brilliant new book traces the 17th-century origins of our modern economy through the brushstrokes of Johannes Vermeer 2 February 2008
The best friend the Canadian short story ever had 29 January 2008
Artful Codgers; How a high-school dropout and his elderly parents fooled the world 29 January 2008
The Democrats' Trudeau? 26 January 2008
The great big police procedural in the sky; How should we grieve the death of a beloved TV character? 22 January 2008
The myth of the Russian soul; 'Reading Nabokov's books, Khrushcheva felt like a Nabokov character: a Russian learning to be an individual' 19 January 2008
Tell me how you love me; Passionate prose about a topic close to heart 15 January 2008
Different show, same message; The Border retreads the CBC's favourite theme:We're better than Americans 12 January 2008
The myth of sexy prunes; Vance Packard and the evils of Freudian-based advertising 8 January 2008
Blacking out the past; Under the reign of terror imposed by Soviet communists, ordinary citizens could trust no one--even their own families 5 January 2008

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