Selected National Post Columns from 2007

Robert Fulford's columns appeared regularly in the National Post from 1999 to 2019.
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How about my footprint on your magniloquent rear?; 2007's big word was yet another waste of breath 31 December 2007
Primary lessons 29 December 2007
The Light fantastic; Loved but neglected painting of Jesus became a touchstone of mass culture 24 December 2007
My church: the mind's 'theatre of simultaneous possibilities' 22 December 2007
With this ring I do thee confuse; William Trevor and the emotional uncertainty of love and marriage 18 December 2007
You are what you do. (So choose carefully) 15 December 2007
A tittle tattle most foul; Agatha Christie was a woman who knew how to take her revenge 11 December 2007
6 1/2 YEARS; Enemies need charming, too; Magnate undone by poor PR skills 11 December 2007
How are we sorry? Let us count the ways 8 December 2007
In Oprah & Streisand we trust; If celebrities can tell us what books we should read, why shouldn't they tell us who will make the best president of the United States? 4 December 2007
Torqued Intelligence 1 December 2007
You look terrific today, readers; And you just proved how well flattery works 27 November 2007
Into the heart of political correctness 24 November 2007
Calm among the chaos; Edward Hopper's paintings excel at composition 20 November 2007
Reviving Victorian values 17 November 2007
Better stones and gardens; Henry Moore's sculpture gets the outdoor showing it deserves 13 November 2007
The failed career of Norman Mailer 12 November 2007
The Afghanistan war is just 10 November 2007
Prude awakening; A new London show takes a refreshing look at sex in art, but doesn't do away with the fig leaf entirely 6 November 2007
Smart politicians hire ghosts 3 November 2007
Living by the remorse code; Graham Greene let guilt guide him in life and in literature 23 October 2007
Creativity begins with discipline 17 October 2007
Art for nobody's sake; The peculiar family saga of Canadian painter Max Maynard 16 October 2007
Lex Luthor hearts Superman: Your tax dollars at work 13 October 2007
Youth is pasted on the young; The 'teen' wasn't always a product of marketing 9 October 2007
A cloud behind every silver lining 6 October 2007
To the turnstiles!; Introducing our new crusade to cut admission fees at our national gems 2 October 2007
Why Tory screwed up 29 September 2007
Finally making Stein readable; Book gives clarity to U.S. writer's life and work 25 September 2007
The last words of a toxic intellectual 22 September 2007
This Horseman holds a mirror; There's much of Mordecai Richler in his fiction 18 September 2007
Feminists fall silent 15 September 2007
A friend to Hezbollah, an enemy of logic 14 September 2007
Mulroney still waiting for credit; But Canadians won't give it to him 11 September 2007
Uniting Hendrix, Rimbaud and the sari; David Davidar's new novel charts a course from India to Canada 11 September 2007
Piecing together a royal bag lady; Louise Nevelson brought a grand vision to the world of sculpture 4 September 2007
The man who would kill separatism 4 September 2007
Civilizing barbarism 1 September 2007
'We think with the objects we love'; People attach deep meaning to things they own 28 August 2007
Modernism isn't written in stone 25 August 2007
And they talked in speech bubbles; Canada's comic arts elite gather at Toronto fest 21 August 2007
A family of Nazis 18 August 2007
Inside the cluttered mind of a genius; Robert Frost's musings are both insightful, insane 14 August 2007
Iran's war on its own 11 August 2007
Sincere ties that bind; Mad Men tackles the world of atomic age advertising 7 August 2007
A psychoanalyst for his age (but not ours) 4 August 2007
A life spent chipping the Wall; Ulrich Muhe was a vocal opponent of East Germany 31 July 2007
A continuing nightmare 28 July 2007
Wasting time is good for your soul; Distractions can help productivity and happiness 24 July 2007
A dark prince's lonely world 21 July 2007
Intimate oppression; In her new book, Jill Fields shows how women's undergarments can be more tyrannical than titillating 17 July 2007
How the CIA lost its way 14 July 2007
An empire who could dance; 'Honest Ed' Mirvish, the original discount merchant and theatre revivalist, dies at 92 12 July 2007
To keep supping with the Devil; There seems to be no end of sympathy for the evil one 10 July 2007
The People's Republic of Silence 7 July 2007
Pretty facades still need substance; Without good art, a museum is just a building 3 July 2007
Fatah hasn't the will to win 30 June 2007
A buffet sure to leave you hungry; Arts & Letters Daily delivers best ideas at high speeds 26 June 2007
New York isn't presidential country 23 June 2007
Where the Bears don't fear to tread; Tracking the pawprints of a gay subculture 19 June 2007
A continent under siege; After decades of bad immigration policy, can the Europe we know be saved? 16 June 2007
The eternal stain of cribbing; Plagiarism is hard to get away with, yet easy to do 12 June 2007
This is why people hate Toronto; No, not the new ROM - but the pretentious, self-parodic ceremony that launched it 9 June 2007
The big slosh: Guzzling neo-noir; Irish author Ken Bruen is redefining hard-boiled 5 June 2007
'I am special, I am special. Look at me' 2 June 2007
L.A.'s wartime German invasion; Elite emigres formed talented, troubled group 29 May 2007
The lustration of Ryszard Kapuscinski 26 May 2007
It's all about who it's not about; The roman a clef is more insulting than flattering 22 May 2007
Moscow's Mid-East gamble 19 May 2007
A loss of language and the language of loss; The poetics of Alzheimer's 15 May 2007
Laughter is not the Arab way 12 May 2007
How do we live in the now?; Trying to define the tenor of modern design 8 May 2007
Who wouldn't vote for this guy? 5 May 2007
Arguing about architecture; Nathan Glazer on Modernist buildings and their discontents 1 May 2007

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