Selected National Post Columns from 2006

Robert Fulford's columns appeared regularly in the National Post from 1999 to 2019.
His most recent columns are available on the National Post website.

Game theory's master March 11, 2006
Tom Hodgson's abstract objective: Portrait of the late artist as a young man who wanted to change how we saw March 7, 2006
Creative conspiracies March 4, 2006
Erudition, knavery & tupperware: A new book on cunning hails the attribute as our greatest means of self-preservation, a starting point for human ingenuity and a very useful tool for selling plastic food containers February 28, 2006
Democracy takes a hit February 25, 2006
Keeping an eye on freaks and geeks: Digital cable is a welcome window on the outer limits of television February 21, 2006
Blasphemy has set us free February 18, 2006
Russia's wonderful legacy of corruption: Gogol's classic The Inspector General remains relevant after 170 years February 14, 2006
Saving Muslims from Islamists February 11, 2006
From the front lines of the absurd: Albert Camus' war reporting laid the groundwork for his later philosophy February 7, 2006
You didn't hear it from me February 4, 2006
Straying from the usual script: Screenwriters are finally becoming a valued commodity in Hollywood January 31, 2006
Ottawa isn't kind to premiers January 28, 2006
Spoiling the taste of Turkish delights: Orhan Pamuk faces persecution for speaking plainly about his homeland January 24, 2006
Harper's new beginning: They must restore the people's faith in the government and create a new tone of civility January 24, 2006
Look who's blundering now January 21, 2006
When Canada sought its place in the world: NFB memoir recalls a country with a great global purpose January 17, 2006
A nightmarish moment January 14, 2006
His life was as noir as his films: Actor Peter Lorre lived the turbulent plots of his movies January 10, 2006
Blurring political categories January 7, 2006
Not just a lover, but a writer: Casanova deserves a better legacy than he has been given January 3, 2006

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