Selected National Post Columns from 2003

Robert Fulford's columns appeared regularly in the National Post from 1999 to 2019.
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Two neighbours, growing apart December 27, 2003
Here, you are what you eat: At the Mondragon, the food comes with a little politics on the side December 23, 2003
Mixing races, distilling hypocrisy December 20, 2003
Romancing the Stone City: New York's superb Petra exhibition reminds us we are living in one of the great ages of archeology December 16, 2003
Imagine a campaign for world democracy December 13, 2003
Giddy over Montreal: Maisonneuve's editorial buoyancy sets it apart from other new magazines December 9, 2003
A cold warrior who knew how to hunt bear December 6, 2003
Suicide bombers aim at democracies December 6, 2003
Hugh's world view: Literary critic Kenner saw a lifelong partnership between humanities and science December 2, 2003
Schadenfreude: one of life's guilty pleasures November 29, 2003
Duranty was Stalin's spin doctor November 25, 2003
Keep Kofi away from the Internet November 22, 2003
Reviving the old one-man spy game: War on terrorism can't be fought with modern intelligence, historian writes November 18, 2003
Flames grow hot but he stays cool: A tad late for lunch, Black says, 'I had to stamp out some fires' November 18, 2003
He is the very model of a modern Canadian Liberal November 15, 2003
Economic failure is the problem for most Arabs November 15, 2003
The seeds of prize writing: Alice Munro reveals inspiration for her Giller-winning story November 11, 2003
The end marred by betrayal, bitterness November 8, 2003
Anne of Green Gables goes to court November 8, 2003
Leaving one life behind: The Human Stain reveals the courage and cruelty of self-transformation November 4, 2003
Upwardly mobile phone jockey... or 'cyber-coolie'? November 1, 2003
The private lives of spies: TV series MI-5 shows operatives with domestic issues October 28, 2003
Is Harris the hero conservatives need? October 25, 2003
Godard in waiting: The filmmaker's early genius needs only to be discovered by a new generation October 21, 2003
The undefinable Dalton Camp October 18, 2003
A Swede I have to read: Henning Mankell's crime novels are my newest addiction October 14, 2003
Education is the way to freedom October 11, 2003
Words for a young century: Did we start speaking differently in 2000 or is that my bad? October 7, 2003
Whatever the soil, democracy will sprout October 4, 2003
A flawed but hopeful start: The Walrus has yet to find its true self, but it took a while for The New Yorker, too September 30, 2003
These days, no news can ever be good news September 27, 2003
The joke's on them: Why can't the protagonists of Lost in Translation see what's around them? September 23, 2003
Bashing the U.S. makes us feel good all over September 20, 2003
The pen is nastier than the sword: The rogue reporter has always suited Hollywood's needs September 16, 2003
Art Deco's glamour: Art Deco borrowed from the style of machines. The Deco artists loved surfaces that glittered, surfaces of glass, silver, steel, lacquer, then chromium and Bakelite September 13, 2003
Yasir Arafat and the politics of denial September 13, 2003
This war did not begin in 2001: And it is not over just because we haven't been hit again September 11, 2003
Turning the absurd into an art form: Canada's National Gallery has a history filled with bizarre decisions September 9, 2003
Words have failed the Democrats September 6, 2003
What about me?: Two authors under one roof almost invariably creates professional envy September 2, 2003
Canadian profs were braver before tenure August 30, 2003
Finally, it's chic to have the blues: Film based on life of Harvey Pekar sparks new interest in mental health August 26, 2003
Computer vandals are rotten little kids August 25, 2003
Dimitrov's odd habit: keeping a diary August 23, 2003
When hacks attract: Serious artists are drawn to tales of mercenary scribes August 19, 2003
Amidst the darkness, self-congratulation August 18, 2003
Simpson is Canada's hard-line moderate August 16, 2003
When dialogue is the best form of rebellion: Azar Nafisi reveals the decadence of studying literature in Tehran August 12, 2003
The liberal media: a study in groupthink August 9, 2003
His own worst critic: Saviour of London theatre was as self-destructive as he was brilliant August 5, 2003
The man who industrialized comedy August 2, 2003
Yakuza's decline is a crime: Japanese mafia has seen better days, say oldsters July 29, 2003
Idi Amin's crimes can't be counted July 26, 2003
This lady spells trouble: Why the story of the evil temptress is endlessly renewable July 22, 2003
In praise of uni-tasking July 19, 2003
They should know better: Humanities scholars spend lots of time reading, so why can't they write? July 15, 2003
'Human rights' -- Saudi-style July 12, 2003
This news anchor's timing is awful July 10, 2003
Citizen of the Middle East: Writer Sami Michael is Jewish, speaks Arabic and is both Iraqi and Israeli July 8, 2003
In the Middle East, black means white July 5, 2003
Vigilance at the border and beyond July 4, 2003
Hamas will now set the agenda July 3, 2003
The road map reads like a necessary lie June 28, 2003
Art that demands and rewards: Stretch presents conceptual and minimalist works that mean something June 24, 2003
Marriage marks the end of a gay era June 21, 2003
The true scam artists: Literary swindlers and their bogus works are a source of endless fascination June 17, 2003
Leave Ahenakew to his obscurity June 14, 2003
Drama worth catching: Train 48, with its storytelling on the fly, quickly captures the imagination June 10, 2003
Something in a Canadian loves a loser June 7, 2003
The Times pays for its hubris June 6, 2003
Ernest goes to Toronto: Hemingway's almost farcical affair with the city is fodder for a new comic novel June 3, 2003
Whatever happened to the paperless office? May 31, 2003
From Russia, with stories: David Bezmozgis captures the essence of immigrant life in his new fiction May 27, 2003
The many breeds of liar May 24, 2003
Ticked off by tick tock talk: We spend our time until there's none left, then say we're working too hard May 20, 2003
A partisan account of a shallow man May 17, 2003
What is real country music?: It's often whatever the latest musical generation says it is May 13, 2003
New York Times was too good to be true May 13, 2003
McCarthy's witch hunt made the world safe for witches May 10, 2003
Seeing our city anew: More than 160 exhibitions can be found in the Contact festival, often in fascinating, out-of-the-way places May 10, 2003
We suffer for their art: Avant-garde theatre can be cruel to audiences, but it's also irresistible May 6, 2003
A 'road map' drawn by fantasists May 3, 2003
Born to be old: Nick Nolte played washed-up types in his 30s, and he keeps getting bett April 29, 2003
Garrison Keillor & the Rhode Island fire March 3, 2003

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